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About the video

The Office of the Advocate for Children and Young People undertook focus groups with 202 children and young people in seven schools across NSW. The findings from these focus groups was confirmed through an online poll of a further 1,000 children and young people.

The focus groups and polling found that children and young people conceptualise violence as physical, emotional and sexual and that it can happen to anyone, not just certain types of children and young people.

Overwhelmingly, children and young people reported that violence against children and young people takes place anywhere and everywhere – both in private and in public spaces, in “safe places” and “even with people you trust.”

Children and young people had many ideas to help stop violence against children and young people. One that came across strongly was a campaign to raise awareness about violence against children and young people.

They had very clear ideas about what an awareness campaign to reduce violence against children and young people would look like, what the key messages should be, and where it should appear.

They said that the campaign should show true to life examples of the types of violence they experience and the settings violence occurs. This information was central to the development of the campaign video, which highlights true examples and the impacts of violence against children.

How you can help

Show your commitment to end violence against children and young people, now and forever. Children and young people in NSW have asked you as an adult to do and say out loud that violence against children is wrong. Take the pledge today via the link below:

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